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Monday, May 21, 2018

Robert and Lacy Eves Wedding Wills Point, TX

This wedding was full of beautiful details everywhere you look. Lacy really took the time to make this wedding so nice. The location was absolutely magical and the drive out there was just as nice. I was quite early so I stopped for just a minute to look around at all the greenery. The location was all set for weddings with a huge dressing area for the bride and groom and lots of acres to roam around. I had so much fun just looking around and talking with people before things got started. Once the ceremony was over it was time to have fun, and fun everyone all had! The food was great, everyone enjoyed it so much and dancing went all night long! Robert's garter dance was the funnies I have ever seen, and Lacy was a great dancer! Cinco de Mayo fun! Just a wonderful event and very best wishes to Lacy and Robert on a long and happy life together, congratulations to you both!

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