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Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Sonya Cogan Photography / Photo shoot in Ireland!!!

I was so honored to not only make a new friend but to photograph her beautiful family in Ireland. I was so grateful to be able to tour about 7 castles while we were there and I loved them all. On our drive around the country we met up with this lovely family whom I had been communicating with through Facebook and was so happy to finally get to meet them. It was a beautiful day and while my mom and son toured this castle I enjoyed time photographing them and their sweet children. What a wonderful family, I wish them all the very best. What a magical day!

Sonya Cogan Photography / Photo Shoot in Reykjavik Iceland!!!

I recently went on a trip to Iceland and Ireland with my family and before going I saw and ad for a couple wanting honeymoon photos in Reykjavik Iceland. They just happened to be leaving the day we were getting in so we were able to meet up by a hair. These photos were taken at about 8:30 pm since it didn't get dark until 11:30 pm (and even then it didn't get very dark) we were able to shoot later which was really interesting! Also, they were staying about two blocks from where we were staying, so it was definitely meant to be. I answered her ad and we exchanged numbers. The photo shoot was one of the highlights of my trip to Iceland and it was so much fun to walk around the city with them while we looked for great spots to shoot. They were such a warm and friendly couple and I had an amazing time that I will never forget. OMG, I got to go to ICELAND, I still can't believe it! So lucky and so grateful!

Monday, May 21, 2018

Robert and Lacy Eves Wedding Wills Point, TX

This wedding was full of beautiful details everywhere you look. Lacy really took the time to make this wedding so nice. The location was absolutely magical and the drive out there was just as nice. I was quite early so I stopped for just a minute to look around at all the greenery. The location was all set for weddings with a huge dressing area for the bride and groom and lots of acres to roam around. I had so much fun just looking around and talking with people before things got started. Once the ceremony was over it was time to have fun, and fun everyone all had! The food was great, everyone enjoyed it so much and dancing went all night long! Robert's garter dance was the funnies I have ever seen, and Lacy was a great dancer! Cinco de Mayo fun! Just a wonderful event and very best wishes to Lacy and Robert on a long and happy life together, congratulations to you both!


Cuteness Overload Family Portraits

I am really enjoying doing more family photos lately. I have had a blast making new props (little ladder) and finding new fun spots to shoot but I always come back to my favorite spot among the evergreen trees, and with that golden hour of light just before sunset, well it just doesn't get any better than that. These kids were amazing! Two different families below and just total cuteness overload! 

Ronnie and Tiffany Engagement

I'm super excited for Ronnie and Tiffany's wedding coming up in a few months. Tiffany asked me if it was okay to bring their son's to the engagement shoot and get a few photos with them as well? Of course I said "absolutely!" The boys were so sweet and it was such a fun time. I'm honored they made the long drive for their session after a long day of work and I'm really looking forward to their wedding and the location is one of my all time favorites! I can't wait!

Brian and Christiny Burress Wedding Rockwall, TX

I met Christiny at the Dallas Bridal Show and when she emailed me and said she needed a smaller package than my two hour. She said she only needed to hire me for an hour and would I be able to do that? I said "absolutely." I am always willing to be flexible with people and I was excited about how she was doing her wedding. She asked where a nice place to get married in Rockwall was and I gave her a few suggestions and she chose the beautiful Harry Myers Park. It was a super small ceremony and I absolutely loved every minute of it so much! Such a private and special ceremony and so relaxed, easy, and fun. It really was such a sweet, sweet, sweet, day I will remember forever. I wish them all the very best and a huge congratulations.